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A Wide Range of Firearms, Archery, Knives, Self Defense, and Outdoor Supplies

Welcome to Our Outdoor and Personal Protection Store in Southern Oregon. Located in Southern Oregon, our store offers a range of products for outdoor activities and personal safety. We provide a variety of firearms, ammunition, outdoor gear, and personal protection items. Our selection is suitable for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and those interested in self defense. Our store includes firearms, archery equipment, knives, black powder firearms, airguns, and reloading supplies. We focus on offering reliable and functional products. Our aim is to provide good quality gear that meets your outdoor and safety needs. We are a local business committed to serving our community. Whether you are experienced or new to outdoor activities and personal safety, we offer products to suit different levels of expertise and interest. Visit us for your outdoor and self defense requirements.

For more information about the store, please visit our About page.

To get in touch with any questions or concerns, please call +1 (541) 469-3430

We look forward to your business.

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